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Is Any Syria Strategy Really Viable?

Now that the red line President Obama drew in the sand has been crossed two unlikely bedfellows for intervention have emerged. Sen. John McCain favors a no-fly zone and believes the small arms and shoulder fired rocket propelled grenades supplied to rebels are not enough.

So what is to be our strategy in a country where an Islamist group a reported Al Qaeda affiliate executed a 14-year-old boy Muhammed Qatta for an alleged insult to the prophet Mohammed. Qatta who worked in a coffee shop refused to serve a customer stating, "even if Mohammed comes back to life I won't." An offhand comment by a 14-year-old boy led rebels who overheard to kidnap him, whip him, bring him back with his head wrapped in a shirt, wait for crowd to gather including his parents, who watched in horror as they shot him in the face and mouth.

So these are the types of groups we will support in this fight against Assad  and the same are linked to an enemy we've been hunting since 9/11 . It just doesn't make sense to arm Islamist radicals who may turn the weapons on us and or our allies like Israel.  Make no mistake this is not Afghanistan in the early 90's vs. the Soviets.

So what is to be the strategy? Your thoughts?


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