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Last week Democrats decided to demonstrate Americans' economic troubles and rising prices by only spending the amount of money on food that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can cover. 

Nevermind that the first word is "supplemental." 

To demonstrate that a family can eat healthy and affordably under the limits of SNAP, conservatives are posting photos and video of their bounty on Twitter and Facebook.  I totally get the point they're making, especially in response to Democrats who spent their money foolishly (like a $1 hard-boiled egg).  I just question if we're further alienating people who could benefit from the economic solutions conservatives are always championing.  We could be saying, "Yes, we understand times are tough and prices are rising, we have solutions to provide more job opportunities so you can be independent from government assistance."

Instead some conservatives are basically saying "Providing food for your family isn't that hard. Not only can I do it better than you I can post colorful photos of it."

A little less snark in acknowledging the real economic problems many Americans face could go along way. Rather than diss a program that many people use, it could be more helpful to our cause to tell Americans what conservative policies can do to eliminate the need for government assistance.  Yes, I get the point of making fun of the SNAP Challenge.  I just don't think making fun of it will do us any good in winning hearts and minds.

I'm just saying....


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