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McConnell bugger afforded more rights than James Rosen

In response to Perjury time for Eric Holder:

Speaking of leaks and perjury and Eric Holder....The case involving Democrats who illegally recorded Mitch McConnell and leaked the tape to Mother Jones is now before the Justice Department.  

As you may remember, Curtis Morrison secretly recorded the strategy session, in violation of federal criminal eavesdropping laws, while  working for Progress Kentucky, (a group with close ties to the Democratic Party both in the Bluegrass state and in Washington) and he admitted his guilt in a rambling 3000 word essay in Salon. 

Shawn Reilly, the head of Progress Kentucky  “met with White House officials on Dec. 5, just days before his  began a messaging blitzkrieg against the Republican leader, according to White House visitors logs” if you can believe that!

Politico reported this morning that “Justice Department prosecutors in Washington are now part of a high-profile criminal investigation into the secret taping at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign headquarters in Louisville… “

But you won't believe it. The Justice Dept. is hesitant to subpoena Curtis Morrison because well - the whole deal is a "potential headache" for Holder because of Morrison's status as a journalist. 

“Any attempts to subpoena evidence from Curtis Morrison — a liberal activist who surreptitiously taped McConnell and his aides at a campaign meeting in February — would most likely need the personal approval of Attorney General Eric Holder…. which require Holder to approve subpoenas for journalists. … While reporters may not break the law to gather news, an indictment of Morrison would also be fraught with potential legal land mines because of his status as a journalist. In order to subpoena him prior to an indictment by a federal grand jury, Holder would have to personally approve the action. Holder has recently been grilled by lawmakers in both parties over the AP and Rosen cases, making any potential action against Morrison — despite his own admission of guilt — a potential headache."

In other words the Regime is willing to grant a liberal activist who has already admitted his guilt, the same journalist protections it didn't offer the AP or James Rosen. Why? Because he's a fellow traveler, that's why.


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