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Woman Finds Snake in Bag of Potatoes, Told To Bring To Lawn And Garden Dept.

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa - A woman got more than she bargained for when she discovered a 3 1/2 foot orange and white snake in a bag of potatoes she bought from a local Walmart store. 

Bonnie Raygor was preparing dinner Thursday night and reached into a plastic bag of potatoes she bought last Friday.  "First I saw its underbelly, which is white. I thought I had a bad potato," said Raygor.  

The bag was apparently sealed save for little holes in the plastic. "I'm assuming it was in there when I bought it. I screamed." 

With the help of family, Raygor managed to snare the snake and place it in a reptile enclosure she had from a previous pet. She then called Walmart where she was allegedly told to bring the snake into their lawn and garden department.  

After demanding to speak to the manager, she was eventually told her money would be refunded. A Walmart spokesperson said they are looking into the matter and have contacted the distributor of the potatoes. 

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