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GOP Should Make Senate Clerks Read the Immigration Bill Aloud--in Its Entirety

Almost no one has actually read the new, 1200-pageĀ "Gang of Eight" Corker-Hoeven Amendment Senate immigration bill, which is expected to come to a vote shortly. But Senate rules provide that a Senator can ask the Senate clerks to read the bill. That will only delay the vote by about two or three days, but at least when Majority Leader Harry Reid rams it through (no amendments!), the Senators will be able to say they'd read it.

Republicans briefly used a similar tactic during Democrats' Obamacare push. Outrage and hilarity ensued ("Regular order, Mr. President." "Regular order is the reading of the Amendment." "Section 1514: Payments for Prescription Drugs. Section 1515: Payments for Approved Devices and Equipment..." etc. etc.):


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