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Woman Fights FEMA To Replace Dentures Lost In Hurricane

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Hurricane Sandy shattered many lives and took many homes as it traveled through the north east.  In the case of one Staten Island woman, Sandy not only destroyed her home, but it took her dentures and now she is battling FEMA in an attempt to get them replaced.  

FEMA has promised to provide dental work to Sandy victims, but according to 56-year-old Maria McKenna, they will not replace her dentures that were swept away with the hurricane. 

To complicate matters, McKenna suffers from Chrohn's disease which requires her to eat solid food which she can not do without her back teeth. She has found herself battling FEMA red tape for the better part of eight months but they have not approved dental aid.

After more than a dozen emails, calls every four days, McKenna was asked for a note from her dentist which she supplied.  FEMA still denied her citing "insufficient substantiation." 

"They're driving me out of my mind," McKenna said. "I've never felt so belittled and so poor." 


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