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DOJ Voting Section Lawyer Cusses Loudly In Response To Supreme Court Decision

J. Christian Adams is the whistleblower who formerly served in the Voting Rights Section at the Department of Justice, and  exposed the DOJ's failure to prosecute the radical New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. He evidently still has sources at the Voting Rights Section because he had some good dish at PJ Media on the reactions there to the Supreme Court ruling, Tuesday. 

He reported that Obama's controversial Labor Secretary nominee Tom Perez visited the downtrodden DOJ Voting Section Tuesday afternoon "to commiserate with all of the bureaucrats who just saw their job rendered superfluous by the Supreme Court..."

 Approximately 25 bureaucrats and lawyers administer the law the Supreme Court just held to be unconstitutional. “I’ve come to answer the question, ‘is anyone going to lose their job because of this?,’” Perez told the assembled Voting Section in an afternoon meeting. “I have a one word answer and a two word answer: NO! and HELL NO!” 

So, that's a pretty good indication right there that Holder's DOJ has no intention of abiding by the law.

Adams also reported that a Voting Section Attorney by the name of Daniel Freeman, (who some of you may remember as the vulgarian who bragged on Facebook that he started the crowd booing when Paul Ryan appeared during Obama's inauguration, last January), had an equally inappropriate reaction to the Supreme Court ruling when it was announced. 

...Freeman let loose a loud “sh*t” that reverberated across the building according to people familiar with the events. 

Adams cautioned that Holder and company will be engaging in  “massive résistance 2013” and finding ways to work around the Supreme Court’s opinion. "Expect more mischief from a Department known for mischief,"  he concluded.


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