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'Snark' Not Synomynous with 'Cool'

In response to Taking on Obama's 'Cool' Factor:

All great points, Jedediah.  I would also add that it would be helpful for conservatives and libertarians (not just the GOP) to do these things.  Sure there are conservative groups who produce good content, but more often I see snark rather than thoughtful conversations or solutions.  Some seem to think the only way to reach young voters is by being sarcastic and snarky.  One example I wrote about the other day was the SNAP Challenge.  Another was "The Story of Julia" during the 2012 election.  I think Ben Domenech made great points in his article, "The Right Needs an ETSY Earner Agenda."  He wrote:

The right mocked Julia when they met her – but she is the rising model for life, and that means the right needs a message for her, too. The left's answer is particularly uninventive: the offer of more benefits, doubling down on 1970s-style employer requirements, without mention of cost. This leaves a wealth of opportunities for the right to turn the left's strategy back on it. All it takes is recognizing these opportunities when they arise, and engaging in a proactive strategy to highlight the gap between the left’s stale solutions and ones adapted to the realities of the new economy. 


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