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The battle cry of Big Government

In response to DOJ Voting Section Lawyer Cusses Loudly In Response To Supreme Court Decision:

That's how we roll in the lawless Obama banana republic, Debra.  One badly-reasoned Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare makes it an ironclad, eternal law that we sniveling peons must obey without question or complaint, but a firm, common-sense decision that damages the agenda of Obama and Eric Holder is but a "bump in the road" to be worked around, or blatantly ignored.

Besides giving us a clue about the Obama DOJ's willingness to ignore Supreme Court decisions it doesn't like, Perez' little outburst provides a perfect battle cry for Big Government.  Will a pack of bureaucrats and lawyers lose their jobs because a Supreme Court decision just rendered them superfluous?  "NO and HELL NO!"

Meanwhile, Obama's jobless economy grinds on, ObamaCare and the Gang of Eight bill combine to give American businesses a $3,000 cash incentive to hire the millions of new legalized aliens we're about to inject into the workforce, and President Obama just declared war on energy production - sealing the doom of thousands of jobs within, and beyond, the energy sector.  But none of those displaced American workers gets to say "NO and HELL NO!" when their pink slips arrive.


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