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Oversight And Reform To Vote On Recalling Lois Lerner, Friday (Video)

Tomorrow, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will decide whether Lois Lerner, the embattled director of IRS’s Exempt Organizations division, waived her Fifth Amendment rights when she gave a statement at the hearing on May 22. 

Lerner, who is on paid leave, was called to testify about the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, but plead the fifth, citing her right against self-incrimination. After she delivered her opening statement, Rep. Trey Gowdy argued that she had waived her rights and should be required to stay and answer questions. 

Chairman Issa let Lerner leave, but he recessed at the end of the hearing, rather than adjourned, allowing  him to re-open the hearing at a later date if they determined she had waived her rights. 

Friday, they will taking that vote.

“If the committee finds that Lerner waived her rights, she could be brought back before the Committee to answer questions,” Issa wrote in a press release. 

He appeared on Fox News, this morning to discuss the upcoming vote and told Bill Hemmer, when asked, that he personally thinks she waived her right to the Fifth Amendment privilege when she made her statement. 

He also batted away recent reports that progressive groups were targeted, too, reiterating his contention that the unfair targeting of conservative groups was directed out of Washington DC.

He said he wants Lois Lerner back before Congress answering questions "especially at a time when the administration is now spinning that somehow progressive groups were targeted. They're doing it without real support - progressive groups are self identifying that they were hurt - it's very clear that this was a target of specific conservative groups, done by the IRS, not just in Cincinnati, but in Washington."


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