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Uh-oh, Obamacare Pushes Back Obamacare Mandate Until 2015

Obamacare is not looking so rosey for Democrats in 2014, as President Obama has just decided to delay implementing the healthcare law's employer mandate.

 Hold on. Didn't President Obama tell us that the 2014 full implementation of Obamacare  would be great for the economy, businesses, not to mention, would benefit all Americans. Apparently, there is more to the President's healthcare law than what he initially told us.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz sums it all up for us, when he uses the same words that one of Obamcare's "chief architects" used to describe the Presidents healthcare law.


The President knows Obamacare is, in the words of one if its chief architects, a train wreck. Now, apparently fearing being held accountable to voters at the ballot box, the President wants to delay implementation until after the 2014 elections. We should accept the President’s invitation, and indeed defund Obamacare altogether, to restore economic growth and avoid the impending train wreck.-Sen. Ted Cruz


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