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Grayson Says that Republicans Are "Callous Bigoted Tools," Bonilla Smacks Him

Liberal Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has just put out a fundraising video in which he doubles down on his past smear of calling Republicans “callous bigoted tools.”

Many of them (Republicans), as I said before, are callous bigoted tools. I take no pleasure in saying that. Well, yes, I do, actually.-Rep. Alan Grayson

One of those “callous bigoted” Republicans, Congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla, who has just announced that he intends to challenge Grayson in 2014,  has just swung back at Grayson, calling him out as a hypocritical bigot, and posted on his website this little known fact about Grayson:

 Grayson poked fun at the Puerto Rican heritage of one of his 2012 Republican congressional candidates.

This coming from the man that says he has 800,000 dependents, and who made fun of a potential Republican congressional opponent’s Puerto Rican Heritage during the 2012 election cycle. The incumbent has no standings to lecture anyone on bigotry.-Jorge Bonilla (Source-BonillaforCongress)

Back in the 2012 GOP primary race, Grayson teamed up with the Democratic House Majority PAC to spend $1.2 million to defeat Quinones, in hopes that they would face a much weaker, non-Hispanic candidate in the general election

Grayson used a picture of John Quinones wearing a traditional Puerto Rican “pava” that many Puerto Ricans recognize as a cherished symbol of their heritage, solely for a video and website that was aimed to destroy Quinones' chances in the 2012 Republican Congressional primary. 


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