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Border security illusions

In response to Senate Immigration Bill Lacks Border Security Passed In Earlier Legislation (audio):

But... but... all the Gang of Eighters say this bill is oozing with security.  Why, the Corker-Hoeven upgrade is going to bring us an extra 8 percent reduction in the rate of illegal aliens, at a cost of about $40 billion.  That means the influx of illegals will be down by fully 33 percent.  Problem solved!

With that kind of border security bang for the buck, it would actually be cheaper to offer every illegal alien a $30,000 cash incentive to return to Mexico.  I hesitate to say that in a public forum, because I don't want to give our high-rolling government any funny ideas.

At this point, it seems almost absurd to have these discussions about border security measures, because with the new super-Constitutional "Obama power" to rewrite legislation by executive fiat, the already dangerous amount of "discretion" given to the Administration in the Gang of Eight bill has been raised to infinite levels.  Security triggers can now be delayed with a stroke of His Majesty's pen, the same way the ObamaCare employer mandate was delayed.  The odds of anything effective being done to reduce the politically desirable (for Democrats) flow of illegals just dropped to approximately zero, no matter what the legislation says.  

The only ground worth fighting over is the border fence, because at least it's a tangible reality: a promise to build something physical and enduring.  But those target dates can be moved with the new "Obama power" too, and in any event, the ruling class has been successfully avoiding a commitment to build such a fence since 2007.  What's likely to change now?


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