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State Dept Denial That John Kerry Was On His Boat Was Completely Innacurate

In response to 'Smart Power' Goes On Vacation:

The question of where  Secretary of State was during the Egyptian coup continues to dog the State Department after Kerry spokeswoman Jen Psaki categorically denied that he spent any time on his yacht, yesterday.

When Mosheh Oinounou, the senior producer for “CBS This Morning” tweeted a photo of Mr. Kerry aboard his yacht, the State Department disputed the claim, saying that the Sec of State was spending the entire day  working hard on issues related to Egypt.

Via The Washington Times:

WBZ-TV in Boston picked up the report, including the State Department’s rebuttal. Ms. Psaki issued a saying, “Since his plane touched down in Washington at 4 a.m., Secretary Kerry was working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt.”

The White House released a photo of President Obama discussing the Egypt affair with his national security team, minus Mr. Kerry. But Ms. Psaki clarified: “He participated in the White House meeting with the president by secure phone and was and is in non-stop contact with foreign leaders, and his senior team in Washington and Cairo. Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate.”

Keep in mind that Psaki is John Kerry's Press Secretary. She of all people should have known where her boss was.

After the story and photo of Kerry on the boat  went viral, (and CBS refused to retract the story), Psaki was forced to walk back her denial.

“While he was briefly on his boat on Wednesday, Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day including participating in the president’s meeting with his national security council,” Kerry spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Friday, Politico reported.

Mosheh saw Kerry on the boat again today, and gleefully tweeted out the photo:


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