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Our long national yachting nightmare is over at last

In response to State Dept Denial That John Kerry Was On His Boat Was Completely Innacurate:

Well, it's nice of the State Department to kinda sorta admit they were blatantly lying about Kerry's whereabouts while Egypt was exploding.  Although even the modified limited nautical hangout you mentioned doesn't seem to be the whole truth, because locals and reporters merrily snapped smartphone pics of Kerry indulging in various fun water sports, including paddling around in a kayak.  

This led the Prevaricator-in-Chief to supply a picture of himself noodling around in a kayak via Twitter, presumably as a way of showing that Kerry's fun-filled afternoon while the streets of Cairo and Alexandria exploded was perfectly okay.  Amusingly, the Boston Globe thinks it's "unclear whether the President's Tweet was mocking Kerry or supporting him."  

"The White House deferred comment to Organizing for Action, which runs Obama’s Twitter handle and did not return emails and calls for comment," the Globe added.  Organizing for Action?  That's one of those completely non-political left-wing groups that had no trouble swiftly securing the kind of tax exemption that got Tea Party and pro-life groups hassled to the point of driving them out of politics, as I recall.  But the White House says they're the official source for commentary on Obama's Tweets and personal photos?

The weird thing about Yachtgate is that this pathological Administration felt the need to lie about it at all.  They could have just said Kerry's yacht is fully equipped to handle his communications needs in an emergency, yadda yadda yadda.  But instead, their first response was to straight-up lie to the American public about the whereabouts of their Secretary of State.  Maybe they should have been really honest, and just admitted John Kerry's even more inept than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, so nobody on Earth really needed his input during the crisis, and in fact the world might be better off leaving him on the $7 million yacht he tried to evade paying taxes on.


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