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The doors of opportunity are slamming shut for young people

In response to Youth Unemployment at 16.1% Means Unsustainable Parental Support:

I find this persistently high youth unemployment to be a particularly ominous trend when combined with Obama's creation of Waiter and Waitress America.  Full-time jobs are being replaced by part-time jobs; career positions are evaporating as the part-time service industry grows.  An awfully large chunk of the supposedly "better than expected" job creation last month came from part-time service industry work, and the U-6 unemployment metric - which includes the under-employed - shot up by a hefty margin.

A lot of this is due to ObamaCare, but at this point the forces set in motion within the job market might be difficult to reverse even if ObamaCare was promptly repealed.

Here's the thought that disturbs me: this long transformation of the American workforce to part-time status means that older workers are getting the kind of jobs that used to be considered entry-level work for young people.  The kind of job that used to represent the next step up from entry-level employment is disappearing.  The doors of opportunity are closing for a generation of young workers.  And I fear that the very same people responsible for this devastating state of affairs are poised to harvest votes from the despair, dependency, and disaffection that will result.


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