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Sharpton Attempts to Put Out the Flames He Helped Fan in Zimmerman Case

Wednesday night Al Sharpton devoted a segment of his show to a call for peace regardless of the outcome of the Zimmerman case. This is sharply at odds with his behavior last year when he was one of the chief speakers riling up crowds and making accusations about Zimmerman's guilt.

"There's been a lot of emotions a lot of passion that have been unleashed" Sharpton said Wednesday, as if he hadn't helped unleash both. Sharpton went on to say "Whatever the outcome there should be no gloating and their should be no violence."

Sharpton seems to be speaking to his audience. He doesn't want them to gloat if Zimmerman is convicted and he doesn't want them to get violent if Zimmerman goes free. Both things would likely be easier if Sharpton himself hadn't made appearances like this one last year:


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