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Gov. Perry Signs 20-Week Abortion Ban Into Law

Thursday Governor Rick Perry signed into law a bill which bans abortions in Texas after 20 weeks and also mandates more stringent regulation of clinics.

The bill had been successfully filibustered by State Senator Wendy Davis a few weeks ago but Gov. Perry called a second special legislative session to get it passed.

"It is a very happy celebratory day" Perry said as he announce the signing of the bill. "We've witnessed far too many stories from Philadelphia to Houston and elsewhere about reckless doctors performing abortions in horrific conditions," Perry said, making reference to the Gosnell case.

Perry also seemed to allude to the death of Karnamaya Mongar who died in Gosnell's clinic after being given too much sedation. Paramedics who arrived on the scene spent 20 minutes trying to get her out of the building because there was no space to roll in a gurney and the back door had been chained shut.

"We've heard stories about women getting sick and even dying after treatment in such places" Perry said. He added "At the end of the day House bill 2 makes sure that anyone performing abortions in the state of Texas is doing so in a facility that meets appropriate safety guidelines and that people there are prepared to handle any emergencies that might occur. That is reasonable."

State Senator Wendy Davis, who made a national name for herself filibustering the first attempt to pass the bill through the Texas Senate, posted a response on Twitter:


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