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Viscount Filner and Democrat feudalism

In response to Incredible: Democratic Assemblywoman Says SIX Women Approached Her Complaining of Filthy Filner, But She Never Pressed the Matter, and Says Filthy Filner Shouldn't Resign:

Democrat power politics are feudal in nature, as Viscount Filner's reign of terror demonstrates.  The aristocracy is forgiven for all offenses.  Their left-wing voting records are far more important than any little personal offenses they might have committed.  The women Filner groped should be honored that his noble hands were laid upon their persons.  Remember how all those liberals told us the death of Mary Jo Kopechne was really a small price to pay for Ted Kennedy's brilliant political career?  He did so much for "women" politically, so the unfortunate fates of actual women who crossed his path were unimportant.

Liberals really get off on this, and I don't just mean cretins like Filner.  Even a lot of rank-and -file liberals feel empowered and validated when their aristocratic leaders flaunt the principles they insist everyone else should obey.  That's one reason these dedicated class warriors love seeing big-name leftists living high on the hog, even when they're doing it with taxpayer money, as the Obamas do.  Liberals see themselves as superior, so their great leaders must be titans and demigods.  They not only deserve rich lifestyles and personal indulgences; they validate the superiority of their followers by conducting themselves as an aristocracy.

And, of course, every escape from consequences by a top Democrat is a "win" against the hellish Republicans in the blood sport of politics.  That's why they loved Bill Clinton more with every offense he committed.  What fun it was to see him get away with it all!  Try not to think about that "path to 9/11" that was taking shape while he was under the desk with Monica, or the damage he did to the rule of law by creating a new aristocratic right to commit perjury, or his pioneering work in the politics of personal destruction.

It's sadly amusing to watch the Filner story brushed aside by the exact same people who thought Mitt Romney delivered an insult to womanhood by accepting binders full of female resumes from feminist groups, and tried to destroy numerous business enterprises (including at least one owned by a prominent female entrepreneur, radio host Kim Komando) in a quest to drive Rush Limbaugh off the air because he made a joke about Sandra Fluke making herself out to be a slut.  Has Barack Obama called any of the women Filner allegedly groped to see if they're okay?

Anyone who wonders if Bob Packwood's career would have endured, if he just had the right letter after his name, now has their answer. 


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