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Killing Jobs Not a Byproduct of Obama Economy, It's the Plan

The President is hell-bent on injecting Leftist politics and the Chicago way into practically every government agency.  We already know how the administration used the IRS to intimidate political enemies.  His latest picks for the National Labor Relations Board is no different.  Even though the Board exists to represent the interests of employees and protect their rights in disputes with businesses and unions, President Obama keeps appointing those who have worked on behalf of unions for years.  These picks hardly represent the Board's pledge to be "fair and impartial."  From Red State:

From Day One, this has been the paramount problem with Barack Obama’s picks for the National Labor Relations Board. The alleged “neutrality” with Obama’s NLRB has become something of a standing joke among employers dealing with union issues. 

On Tuesday, Obama’s most recent picks–recently-retired AFL-CIO lawyer Nancy Schiffer and co-nominee, Kent Hirozawa (a lawyer who spent 20 years working for a union-side law firm)–made a “pledge” from that they could be “fair and impartial.”

President Barack Obama’s newest picks for the National Labor Relations Board sought to assure Senate lawmakers Tuesday that they can be fair and impartial in resolving business-labor disputes, despite backgrounds that include advocating for unions.

While there has always been partisans on the NLRB–Barack Obama’s first appointment following his 2009 inauguration was to name former Teamster attorney and then-NLRB member Wilma Liebman as chairman of the NLRB–one would be hard pressed to find more openly partisan NLRB nominees than those chosen by Barack Obama. notes several instances of when the NLRB went to bat for unions at the expense of jobs and employees' interests.

  • At the urging of Big Labor, the NLRB interfered with America's leading aircraft manufacturer's plan to create jobs in a non-union plant, and tried to force those jobs to a union factory in another state.     
  •  Cable TV workers in New York petitioned the NLRB to hold a vote on whether or not to continue union representation and the NLRB has stepped in and blocked that vote.

  • As union membership plummets, the Obama NLRB is trying to change the law to inflate union membership and reward Big Labor with more lucrative union dues.

Once again President Obama makes a speech on the economy and jobs, while he continues to use government agencies and his appointees (IRS, EPA, NLRB, etc.) and policies (ObamaCare, immigration, etc.) to kill jobs.  The "Obama Economy" is not a random series of events that got us here.  The "Obama Economy" is a systematic effort against the American people to prevent their ability to provide for themselves.  


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