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VIDEO: Bus-Riding Teen Turns Table on Sexual Predator Mid-Act

SEATTLE - A 15-year-girl hopes that her cell phone video will lead to the apprehension of a sexual predator who performed a lewd act directly across from her on a Metro bus. 

The eight grader girl said that a "creepy guy" boarded the bus and sat down across the aisle. When she heard him making noises, she saw that his pants were down and he was looking at her. The man then allegedly asked her if she had any lotion and if he could call her later. 

She recorded a few minutes of the act on her cell phone to give police a chance to track the suspect. She then alerted the bus driver to the sexual predator on board, but the suspect jumped off the bus and fled. 

Please be advised that the video below is not for the timid. 


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