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Filthy Filner: Toxic, but still safely quarrantined by the media

In response to As Predicted: National Media Only Picks Up Filner Story After Democratic Party Officially Asks for His Resignation:

This all reminds me of how major media outlets had to scramble to bring their viewers up to speed on Operation Fast and Furious, the story they never mentioned until Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt over it.  If I remember correctly, NBC News reported the contempt charge, then did a two- or three-minute quickie flashback briefly running through the astonishing reason for Holder's troubles with Congress, leaving stunned Low Information Voters to blink at the screen and grunt, "He did what now?"

Now we'll have a lot of media outlets mentioning Filthy Filner for the very first time, as the dim political hacks of the California Democratic Party decide it's time to cut their losses, and viewers will be causally told yeah, this old creep has been sexually harassing women forever and there's an avalanche of them coming forward now that lawyers are involved.  They'll try very hard to avoid mentioning how the Party blew these women off as long as they thought Filner was still politically viable.

And the most valuable service the media will perform for its good friends in the Democrat Party is hermetically seal Filner away from the rest of them.  Nancy Pelosi will stagger out and groan something about what a terrible man he is, and the press will never, ever confront her with her long, agonizing refusal to speak out against him; they'll pretend she was always on the case.  No Democrat outside of California will be asked about Filner, ever. 

The idea of his worshipful "journalist" pals asking President Boyfriend about Filner is laughable; the press corps will be ready to gang-tackle any teenage interns from conservative websites who happen to bring it up.  In fact, they'll probably just keep everyone whose Democrat Party credentials are not in good order away from the President until this blows over.  They're already bouncing college Republicans out of his campus appearances, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, if Filner belonged to the GOP, every single Republican would be expected to denounce him, explain how he got away with this for so long, and talk about how Filner was symbolic of a misogynist rot at the heart of the Republican Party.  The nightly news shows would be photo galleries of prominent Republicans photographed with him at public events over the years.  No interview with any Republican, on any topic, would be allowed to conclude without a Filner segment. 

Any issue Filner was strongly identified with would be declared radioactive, and any other Republican who shared his position on that issue would become his twin brother.  To use the example of another scandal-plagued Democrat in the news these days, before he became the king of sending dirty text messages to girls half his age or less, Anthony Weiner was one of the Democrats' loudest, dumbest class warriors - he was a point man in the battle to ratchet up estate taxes.  But none of his issues are considered even slightly tainted by association with him.

But Democrat flameouts are never, ever grafted onto their colleagues with akinoplasty.  The media will wrap Bob Filner in plastic before they dispose of his remains.



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