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New Drug Causing Overdoses: Combination of Heroin, Ecstasy, Meth and Cocaine

RUTLAND, Vt. - A new drug has surfaced in Rutland that police say is responsible for six overdoses in twelve hours. The capsule houses a potentially lethal mix of drugs including heroin, ecstasy, meth and cocaine. The street name "Molly" refers to a powdered form of MDMA, the molecular compound found in Ecstasy. Mollies are often laced with other highly addictive drugs, but police say the have never seen this version:

"We knew about Mollies, we just didn't know about this version of Mollies. Just looking at what's in there, it would be a roller coaster ride," Detective Sergeant James Tarbell said.

The side effects of a particular Molly are hard to predict as they are determined by the amounts of each drug within the concoction. Rutland generally averages about one overdose a week so when six were reported in twelve hours, it caught the attention of police as well as other state agencies. The goal now is to identify the source and stop the drug from spreading. One pill is currently valued at $7o. 

None of the people who overdosed died. 


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