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Al-Qaeda is a many-splendored thing

In response to 'Shut Up' He Said :

I see that presidential spokesman Jay Carney did his bit to clear things up, by explaining that there are all sorts of different al-Qaedas, revolving around a "core" al-Qaeda, and it's very silly to get them all mixed up.  Rest assured that some al-Qaedas are probably on the run, and some of them are probably feeling gosh-darn "decimated" right about now, so what Obama said during the campaign was basically true, from a certain point of view. 

But then you've got some other al-Qaedas who can drive the entire frigging US diplomatic corps into hiding for a week by exchanging feisty emails.  Speaking of which, was it a good idea to let them know we're reading their emails, by having a high-profile freak-out?  Wouldn't it have been better to quietly beef up security at our embassies, in co-ordination with the security forces of the host countries, and bag the bastards when they tried to make their move?  Oh, right, sorry, I forgot: Barack Obama.


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