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New Yorkers Should Hang Their Heads In Shame

Just look at the political candidates. 

Anthony "Over Exposed 2011 - Apology - Re-Exposed 2013" Weiner for Mayor

Eliot "Client #9" Spitzer for New York City Comptroller

Kristin "Manhattan Madam" Davis  for New York City Comptroller who provided prostitutes for Client #9 and arrested by the FBI for allegedly selling prescription drugs to undercover agents. I have to wonder if there's a payback from Client #9 involved. 

For you sports fans don't forget Alex "A-Rod in the true sense of the word" Rodriguez who should be banned for life from baseball and polite society for that matter.

This isn't about redemption. It's about abject stupidity on the part of the voters for years that has allowed this to happen. Wake up and be responsible with your vote.


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