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RNC Play Your Game Better (video)

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus issued an ultimatum to CNN and NBC of no participation for the 2016 primary debates if they air the Hillary Clinton whitewash mini-series.

“My guess is this is exactly what’s going to happen: They will produce the films, and we will cut them out,” Priebus told The Washington Post.

“If [the candidates’] nomination is actually tied to the debate calendar and the primary calendar itself and those penalties are strong enough, believe me, you’ll keep the candidates in the box,” he said. 

This kind of behavior by the RNC is why many Americans question the national leadership of the party. Also, why are we talking about 2016 when we haven't gotten past 2014? 

Let the states focus on 2014. This is about every state not just the first primary states. Heavy handed top down policies don't respect or allow for local control. Threatening to punish those who don't tow the line is a great way to divide. Politics is a full contact sport and there will be media outlets and opponents to go after the GOP. If you can't handle going into their arena with your facts and making a better argument then I'm one who is concerned about your ability. 

Simply put, play your game and play it better. Worry less about what CNN and NBC is going to do. If necessary spend the money to produce the truth about Hillary Clinton. We have this thing called the internet and you can get the facts out. 


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