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Law versus power grabs

In response to Vulnerable Dems Turn on Obamacare 'Death Panels':

I'm glad to hear Democrats are wising up to the death panels.  (Since Obama finally took Sarah Palin's advice on Fannie and Freddie, I wonder if the new Democrat Party slogan should be "Forward!... into doing everything Sarah Palin said five years ago!")

But all these ObamaCare modifications, even when they comport with conservative criticisms, are deeply disturbing, because we were told the Affordable Care Act was legislation, not a blind power grab.  It wasn't a one-page document that said "the President and Congress shall now have unilateral power over health insurance."  It was thousands of pages of regulations, laughably scored by a carefully-gamed Congressional Budget Office to look like it was deficit-neutral.  Phony cost figures were computed and flung at the American people, the way monkeys throw scat at unlucky zoo visitors.

None of those cost figures were anywhere near the truth.  Nothing in this law is working the way we were told it would work.  They keep making massive changes that make the original estimates and promises look even more ridiculous.  Obama's illegal employer mandate delay will cost us $12 billion; he dropped that fiscal bomb on us without batting an eye.  Big chunks of the law, like the CLASS Act and the 1099 reporting requirements, are long dead and gone.

I know this will fall on far too many deaf ears, but at some point, a healthy Republic would be forced to concede this is no longer a "law" at all, and render the whole rotting pile of garbage null and void.  Obama himself has invalidated the legal status of the Affordable Care Act at least twice now.  If he doesn't have to obey this non-law, why should anyone else?


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