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At least Hooters stands ready to uphold the moral fabric of San Diego

In response to San Diego Hooters: It's Important That Our Restaurant Maintain Standards, and That Means We Won't Be Serving Mayor 'Fingers' Filner:

It's good to see that somebody out in San Diego has some standards.  Filner may have snatched away the gold medal for Fastest Phony Rehab from Anthony Weiner, but Hooters isn't buying it.

What an amazing juxtaposition we have between Filner's hilariously fake "rehabilitation," following years of protection from the Democrat Party for a serial sexual predator, and the heavy breathing of the Great Rodeo Clown Jihad.  Some poor blue-collar rodeo guy who didn't realize we turned into North Korea over the last four years gets utterly annihilated for daring to mock the Dear Leader, with the sort of tomfoolery that rodeo people say was not uncommon with past Presidents.  And the jihad didn't stop there.  Not only is the offender banned from the Missouri state fair for life, but Democrats are calling for the fair's tax funding to be cut.  The fair is under pressure to stop giving contracts to the rodeo association the clown belonged to.  The head of the association resigned today, in a last-ditch bid to hang on to his school superintendent day job, which he might also lose because a rodeo clown put on a Barack Obama mask.

But Filthy Filner, a wretched predator straight out of the worst feminist horror stories from the pre-Clinton salad days of "sexual harassment," a guy with actual power and a demonstrated willingness to use it against his victims?  He's just fine and dandy after two weeks of "rehabilitation therapy."  His decades of offenses are wiped off the chalkboard.  His Party's shameful eagerness to protect him is not even considered worthy of discussion. 

He humiliated numerous women in far more severe ways than anything the rodeo clown considered doing to Barack Obama - who was not there, and like 99.9% of America would never even have heard about the incident, if not for the strangled cries of constipated Missouri Democrats.  Some of the women Filner humiliated were military veterans and rape survivors.  But from where we sit today, he's got a brighter professional future than the blacklisted clown.  I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up at Hooters, demands service, and uses government power and/or an army of Democrat rent-a-protesters to punish the restaurant if they refuse, just to make a point.  And then he'll back some poor waitress into a corner as soon as he thinks no one is pointing a camera at him.


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