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Pelosi Presses for Pro-Illegal Immigration/Anti-Cop State Bill in California

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) is feeling some D.C. pressure from his fellow Democrats, Rep. Nancy Pelosi & Friends. The group of Democratic Representatives are pressing Brown to sign into law a  immigration bill that would "bar police from detaining people based on immigration status unless they have been convicted of a serious crime."

This is just another move by the liberal pro-Amnesty for illegal immigrants lobby further their agenda of legalizing 'all' illegal immigrants. What exactly is a serious crime?

Now, call me naive all you want, but if you have been convicted of a "serious crime," chances are that you should already be in jail, not roaming free to possibly commit other crimes. Right?

Wait a minute. If someone is here  illegally, and convicted of a "serious crime," isn't it immigration protocol to deport that person to their native country, after he or she has served their prison term?


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