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RNC Bans CNN/NBC From Any 2016 GOP Presidential Debates

During the RNC's summer meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, members of the Republican committee voted, and passed the resolution to ban CNN/NBC from participating in any 2016 GOP Presidential degates.

The resolution, better known as the anti-Hillary and CNN/NBC document, was proposed after the two networks set forth plans to air TV programming that highlighted Clinton's rise to power.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus immediately took issue, saying that this was nothing more than CNN and NBC, playing the roles of Communication consultant/ Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton's probably 2016 Presidential run.

In response to the initial call to ban CNN and NBC from hosting any of the 2016 Republican Presidential debates, RNC Co-Chairwoman, Sharon Day, told the Shark Tank "that the Chairmen of the State Republican parties of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida, have all agreed to shut out both CNN and NBC from any Republican event or debate, if they air the Hillary Clinton television programs."

The RNC has been catching a lot of flak from Republicans for not forcefully taking on the Democratic National Committee and their propaganda wing, the Mainstream Media, aka, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and others.

Of late, the RNC was shown glimmers of toughness, and now with this vote to ban CNN and NBC from the 2016 GOP debates, it seems as if the Priebus and the RNC have decided to take of the white gloves and go "mano a mano" with the Democrats and their cohorts.

Score one for the Republicans.


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