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Bill de Blasio For NYC Mayor ... At A Glance

Bill de Blasio, New York City's public advocate has risen to the top of the polls as Anthony Weiner crumbles and Christine Quinn struggles to maintain momentum. 

Here's the latest from Associated Press

Bill de Blasio at a glance:

  • The most progressive person in the field 
  • Endorsed by SEIU, public employee unions and other labor unions
  • Pushes class warfare, tax the rich, more government programs progressive
  • Would end Stop-Question-Frisk and bring the city back to 1973
  • Raise taxes for Universal Pre K but has no ideas 
  • Read his website and literature, his rhetoric is straight out of the Obama playbook 
  • In short de Blasio promises everything with no clue on how to deliver
  • And in New York City do you want a mayor who is Anti big business? 

He is the most viable of the liberal candidates. Welcome to Obama's New York City if de Blasio wins. 


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