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Attention Conservative Reporters: Find These Workers and Tell Their Stories!

Today FreedomWorks has a great post detailing the number of jobs lost and the companies affected by ObamaCare mandates.  (Partial list below).

Rather than just report on ObamaCare affecting these companies, I'd love to see more stories from the Right about the workers affected by the cuts.  We're always accused of being on the side of "big business."  We need to reiterate that we care about the people behind the numbers.  Interview the student working at Forever 21 to pay for college who is getting her getting her hours slashed.  Tell the story of the single mother at Kroger whose hours were cut so that she no longer qualifies for the health insurance that was offered pre-ObamaCare. 

We often talk about the importance of storytelling.  We're doing a pretty good job when it comes to small and large business owners.  I'd like to see more stories on the employees (or former employees.)  After all, they're the ones most Americans can identify with in the Obama economy.

Among the companies listed by FreedomWorks:

Regal Entertainment


Taco Bell



White Castle


Carl's Jr.

Forever 21



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