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Obama Mulls Over Air War in Syria

Obama has been hedging, or more accurately putting it, is afraid to man up and back his 2012 “Redline” ultimatum against the Assad regime. With Americans being war-weary from years of fighting Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama will likely employ a similar air campaign President Bill Clinton implemented during the 1999 Kosovo campaign.

If Obama tries to mimic Clinton’s Kosovo air war success, he will have a much more technologically-advance and experience military to help him achieve his goal. Aside from the satellite advantage and ‘smart bomb’ technology that the U.S. Military has been upgrading, the use of unmanned drones will play a key role in identifying targets, as well as being able to spy on any military asset movements of the Assad regime.

If Obama does decided to bomb Syria, and is successful in doing so, he could save ‘some’ face with our allies, who like our enemies, feel that Obama, unlike his four predecessors,  lacks the resolve to use military force.


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