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Cops Nab Robbery Suspect After He Trips On His Own Sagging Jeans

BROOKLYN - An alleged cellphone bandit was apprehended after being tripped up by his sagging jeans. 21-year-old Joel Donaldson allegedly punched a female in the face, snatched her cell phone and then made a break for it.  It was during his getaway that Donaldson's jeans began slipping off exposing more and more of his boxer shorts. A nearby traffic cop spotted the man wrestling with his denim trousers and took chase. 

The suspect's pants eventually gave up on him and fell to his ankles, allowing the cop to tackle him. A witness gave a first hand account: "He was zigzagging all over the place, but he couldn't run because his pants were falling down."

Donaldson was arrested just two blocks from Brooklyn Criminal Court. He was charged with robbery. 

Photo: Paul Martinka


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