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Obama 'Leading from Behind,' Says Senator Marco Rubio

President Obama is in position to give the go-ahead for U.S. Military action against the Syrian government, but while many like Senator John McCain urge the President take action, Senator Marco Rubio is throwing caution into the wind by questioning any potential military action.

Rubio was openly supportive of a strike against Syria when the war started 2 years ago, but is skeptical of such a move now, considering that according to him,’ the best funded and armed groups in Syria today are Assad’s Iranian-backed killers, Hezbollah fighters aligned with Assad, and rebels with links to al Qaeda.”

Syria, who just happens to be on the U.S. list of terrorist states, and whose strongest supporter and ally in the region is the terrorist state of Iran, has facilitated Iran’s proxy war against Israel by aiding and abetting Hezbollah. Obama’s projection of weakness around the world is echoed by Rubio’s statement that the President is “Leading from behind,” further weakening the little respect and credibility the U.S. has in that region, and around the world 


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