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'Nation' editor calls for missile strikes against American citizens, including minorities

"Fascism" is tricky to define, but calling for the extermination of people who disagree with your politics is a good start.  Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation tugged on her jackboots Tuesday evening and suggested, "Maybe we could launch intervention in those states which are waging war vs. democracy, rolling back voting rights?"

In case you have trouble translating this out of stupid-speak, she's talking about lobbing cruise missiles at states that have voter-ID laws.  (That's what she means when she says "rolling back voting rights.")  She'll need a lot of warheads, because about 83% of the American people support voter-ID laws.  And she'll be killing a lot of minority voters, because they tend to support voter-ID, too.

The ruling class has rarely been more disconnected from the American public than on the issue of ballot integrity.  American voters of all backgrounds are well-accustomed to presenting identification for countless everyday activities.  They know that vote fraud is a far more certain method of "disenfranchisement" than anything Eric Holder's Justice Department frets about when it blows the dust off ancient civil-rights laws and pretends it is, and always will be, still 1965.

But leftists view the anti-voter-ID crusade as a vital instrument of division, a way to make targeted voting blocs angry and keep them motivated.  It's a bitter, cynical ploy that matters so much to them that extremist loons like Katrina Vanden Heuvel sometimes forget they speak for a tiny, profoundly dishonest minority. 

You want to launch a military "intervention" into states that take voting rights seriously, Katrina?  You line up your 17% of America at the border, and the rest of us will see you on the battlefield. 


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