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Complacency May Mean Progressive Win In NYC Mayoral Race

Remember your grandparents saying about idle hands? Today's version could be idle minds and a forgotten past.

It makes sense that the politically dulled masses who do not have another choice from the Republicans may accept what is the best of the worst for New York City. Could it be that New Yorkers didn't read about Detroit or believe it can't happen to them.

Reported in National Journal:

De Blasio’s progressive surge is remarkable in a city that hasn’t elected a Democratic mayor in 24 years. It’s not that New York is conservative, of course. (President Obama won 81 percent of the vote in 2012.) But crime and safety have driven New York politics into the hands of Republicans such as Rudy Giuliani and tough-on-crime Democrats such as Ed Koch. With crime down, New Yorkers are free to turn to progressive issues such as income inequality and affordable housing. It’s telling that curtailing, not beefing up, the police force is a key issue this year.

I think this writer is on to something. 


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