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No Blood For O: Latest House Whip Count Shows 42 Yes/Lean Yes Vs. 238 No/Lean No...

Speaking for an administration that was already faltering on the world stage in regards to Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry did little to help today at a joint press conference in London with Britain's foreign secretary.

He said that any attack would be “unbelievably small” and suggested Assad still had a week to give up his chemical weapons to avoid a U.S. assault, a comment that needed to be clarified  later.

“That is exactly what we are talking about doing, unbelievably small, limited kind of effort,” Kerry said.

The comments, which dismayed even supporters of an attack on Syria, added fuel to the debate as Obama launches a full court press 48-hour media and political blitz to try to sell the plan to a skeptical American public and Congress.

(#unbelievablysmall has become a trending hashtag on twitter.)

Kerry also appeared to leave an out for Assad on Monday, responding to a question about how Assad could avert military action from the U.S.

“He could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week, turn it over, all of it, without delay and allow the full and total accounting for that, but he isn’t about to do it,” Kerry said in London.

But the State Department called the remarks more “rhetorical” than an actual offer.

The latest polls show about  6 in 10 Americans opposing military action in Syria and today's House Whip Count shows that opposition in congress to a strike on Syria is growing: 42 Yes/Lean Yes Vs. 238 No/Lean No…

...a ThinkProgress analysis of the public statements of 416 Representatives found that 238 lawmakers have either decisively ruled out supporting the measure or say they are unlikely to back it.

Just 42 of the 416 members of the House of Representatives said they will definitely or likely vote in favor or the resolution.

A vote in the House is not expected until next week at the earliest. 136 members have publicly said they are undecided and the positions of 17 members are unknown. All told, 317 members either have not decided, or indicated they are willing to consider changing their position.

Both Republican and Democrat congressmen  are reporting that telephone calls coming in to their offices are running overwhelmingly against attacking Syria. Americans are making their voices heard: "No blood for O."

After being treated to numerous reports in the media highlighting atrocities being committed in Syria by the rebel side,  people have a strong distaste to getting involved in a civil war that benefits al Qaeda.  It's unlikely that another PR blitz by a credibility impaired Obama administration will be able to mitigate that opposition.


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