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Seeing evil in Syria

In response to Obama Administration Hopes a Video Will Outrage the World:

This really says a lot about how the ruling class looks at their dimwitted subjects, doesn't it?  You won't understand what a chemical weapons attack really means until you've seen pictures of it.  The rational public response is, "Don't drag us into another Middle Eastern civil war," and that attitude grows stronger the longer Obama talks, as polls show public resistance to Syrian intervention is increasing.  But evidently the Administration hopes that showing some horrible video will provoke a visceral reaction, transcending thought, and they can have their "unbelievably small" war after all.

When do we get to see video of the 100,000 people Assad killed by other means?  The aftermath of a conventional artillery attack is pretty hideous.  No one seemed interested in showing video of Saddam's victims, but George Bush still managed to put together popular, political, and international coalitions based on rational argument.  We'll be arguing about the flawed intelligence on Iraqi WMD until the end of time - even Bashar Assad brought it up during his CBS News interview - but there were other reasons for going into Iraq, and they made sense.

Like you, I remain puzzled that History's Greatest Monster, the New Hitler, the gas-spewing Voldemort of the Middle East, rates only the military equivalent of a wedgie and a short-sheeted bed.  The Administrations' bellicose rhetoric is all out of proportion to what they claim they want to do, which leads one to suspect they either talk without thinking, or they're planning to do a lot more than they claim.  Nobody in the Administration is openly talking about defeating Assad, and I'm never going to be comfortable with wars that don't have the stated objective of defeating the enemy.  That's hard to arrange even when it is your stated objective.

How does Obama's genius plan of sending Susan Rice out to whip up public sentiment with YouTube videos (another indication of the contempt this Administration holds for everyone except its doe-eyed supporters) square with the new Kerry Gaffe Peace Initiative?  Vladimir Putin will make Obama look like even more of a fool if the big pep rally abruptly ends with an announcement that Russia has brokered a deal for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons stockpiles, so never mind all the grisly photos we just showed you.


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