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Fifteen minutes of weaksauce

In response to Media Anxiety Grows as Obama's 15 Minute Speech Nears:

When you've got to blow 15 minutes of prime-time TV petulantly insisting that you're still relevant, you've got relevance problems.

I guess the point of this oft-rewritten time-waster was to give the Obama dead-enders and media cheerleaders something to latch onto.  They can hug their Obama dolls and rock themselves to sleep tonight, having been told a sweet bedtime story about how their beloved national father figure scared that bad old man Assad to the bargaining table with his threats of "unbelievably small" doom, which Obama calibrated tonight as bigger than a "pinprick," but still "modest."  

For the non-insane viewer, this was a chilling end to a couple of very bad days for the United States.  He's still all over the map, vowing justice for the New Hitler of Syria that he can't actually deliver.  His argument for Syrian strikes being in our national security interests is that he says they are, so there.  And while he promised he could "stop children from being gassed to death" with a handful of missiles, he doesn't seem very concerned with children getting shredded or perforated, which really takes the wind out of the moral crusade against Assad.

You know what really would have been in our national security interest?  Not allowing terrorists to slaughter a U.S. Ambassador with impunity.  It would also have been helpful if the Obama Administration didn't labor for weeks to give them an alibi.  But brother, has that ship ever sailed, just like Obama's war in Syria just got pushed back at least ten years by the "WMD confiscation" scam.  There's nothing left but for the Administration to practice domestic political damage control.  The damage to our global credibility may be irreparable. 


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