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Bashar Assad is feeling 'relaxed and confident'

One of the most absurd talking points to burble from the Obama Administration and its dead-end supporters is that Obama's blood-curdling threats of an "unbelievably small" strike forced a terrified Bashar Assad to the bargaining table, where Vladimir Putin took over and worked out a deal for Syria to surrender its WMD. 

If this was a bar fight scene in an action-comedy movie, Assad would have decked the nerdy Obama with a single punch, sending his bike helmet flying and causing his mom jeans to tear down the buttocks as Obama collapsed in a heap.  Putin would then grab Assad, whisper "Make this look good, comrade" in his ear, and pretend to pin him to the ground with a bone-cracking judo move.  Obama would pull himself to his feet and squeak at Putin, "Good job, buddy!  I totally softened him up for you!  Nice double-team effort!  High five!"  The scene would end with the Russian killer glancing sideways at Obama and grunting, "High-five yourself, am busy here."

As the New York Times describes him today, Assad sounds "relaxed and confident" - confident enough to start barking demands at Obama, specifically demanding a promise to swear off arming the Syrian rebels before Assad will start handing over his chemical weapons.  There was no trace of fear about him earlier in the week, when he gave an interview to CBS News and demonstrated a solid working knowledge of the political situation in the United States. 

I defy any fair-minded observer to watch that interview with Assad and conclude he was trembling fearfully in the shadow of punishing military strikes.  He clearly didn't think an attack was likely, and on the small chance it occurred, it wasn't going to be anything he could not deal with.  If anything, he knows he's now more free than ever to hit the rebels with everything except chemical weapons.  The logic of WMD-phobia will soon lead much of the developed world to reluctantly support his regime, because it will be made clear (with plenty of loud reminders from Russia) that only the regime can secure and deliver those gas weapons.

It's simply ridiculous to claim Obama's strength and resolve played some role in dragging Assad to the bargaining table.  There is absolutely zero evidence to indicate that fear of imminent attack from the Obama Administration played a major role in Assad's thinking.  It's dangerous to America's position in the world for Obama sycophants to repeat this claim, because it leads our adversaries to conclude America is easily rolled as long as this gang is in charge.  They can follow Assad and Putin's lead to play Obama like a fiddle.  What global gamer doesn't relish the thought of playing against an utterly self-deluded opponent whose every move is easily predicted?


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