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Teen and Girlfriend Accused of Shooting His Mother in Head...She Tells Reporter 'I Can't Believe Someone Would Hurt Her'

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C.- 17-year-old, Daniel Rhoney, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Fowler, have been charged with attempted murder accused of hitting his mother and then shooting her in the head. 

According to family members, Rhoney and Fowler who are expecting a baby in the fall, were living with is mom, Sherri Rhoney, in the Cooksville community.  Friends say Mrs. Rhoney was excited about becoming a grandmother: "She's been looking for a baby crib and clothes and trying to set up a room for the baby. She was going to help raise the baby. She was thrilled." 

Police say Sherri Rhoney was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center and listed in serious condition. She woke up at the hospital and allegedly told police that Fowler had hit her and her son shot her. 

When local news arrived on the scene Wednesday, a teary eyed Fowler told a reporter, "I can't believe someone would hurt her. I just don't know."  The couple claimed to have found Rhoney's badly injured near the driveway, not knowing what happened.  

Court documents state that deputies found bullets in a toilet in the house. They also found a red stains on a blanket and a pair of Daniel Rhoney's shoes. Deputies also discovered that bleach was used on a pair of shorts.

Both teens are scheduled to go before a judge today in Newton.

Watch the video below. 1:18 to be exact for arguably the least convincing performance in history. 


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