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It's always snowing in Benghazi

In response to Benghazi Oversight Report Asks Why Patrick Kennedy Was Not Held Accountable:

Benghazi might be the best evidence yet that "climate change" is real, because it's buried under a perpetual snow job.  There hasn't been a shred of accountability, transparency, or even simple decency from this bunch.  Administration apologists are running around telling us the internal State Dept. investigation was meticulous and thorough, but that's absurd on its face, since absolutely no one has been held accountable for anything.  

We just keep hearing a lot of meaningless patter about how The System failed.  The problem with letting these political hacks get away with such a claim is that nothing ever improves, because the people who created the problems remain in their safe perches forever, and the next round of bumblers feels no pressure to improve their game, or be more honest about their failures.  Benghazi was a graduate studies program in how to get away with a cover-up.  Notes have been taken.

Another problem with allowing such a cover-up to succeed is that the entire system of government, including its media extensions, warps itself into a ridiculous, twisted shape to accommodate the evasion of responsibility.  When the top people resign or get fired, a department can promptly set about making real improvements and learning painful lessons.  Instead, the State Department spends a lot of time covering the posteriors of its top officials - considering all the other scandals papered over during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, cover-ups seemed to be State's top priority. 

A huge amount of time and energy has been wasted making it look like nobody in the U.S. government was accountable for Benghazi... and nobody outside the U.S. government has been held accountable, either.


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