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Witnesses to Navy Yard Shooting Describe Chilling Experience (VIDEO)

Todd Brundige and Terri Durham, were both shot at by a shooter at the Navy Yard in Building 197 on Monday. They spoke to CNN about their harrowing experience. One shooter is reported dead at the scene. There are currently four reported fatalities and up to 1o people with injuries.  

 "The fire alarm went off first and I was on the phone and somebody came to my desk and said, 'This is not a fire alarm. Somebody has been shot in the building. So we went around trying to get people out of the building and as we were exiting the back door, we noticed him down the hall," Brundige said. "He stepped around the corner and we heard shots. And as he came around the corner, he aimed his gun at us and then he fired at least two or three shots. And we ran downstairs to get out of the building. After we left the building, there was still shots in the building." 

Durham told CNN that the building's fire wardens came running into their offices telling personnel to get out of the facility immediately. "And that's when we started moving," she said.

Durham explained, "He was far enough down the hall so we couldn't see his face, but we could see him with a rifle raised and aimed at us and fired and he hit high on the wall just as we were trying to leave."


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