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A boondoggle by any other name would smell as sour

"Call it by another name and Republicans might be more supportive of Obamacare after all," MSNBC chrips happily, describing the results of a Fox News poll that shows Republican support for ObamaCare soared from 14 percent to an astonishing 22 percent when the law was referred to as "The Affordable Care Act" instead.

This is supposed to be evidence that a lot of Republicans only oppose the Hell No, Congress and Big Labor Will Not Participate In This Nightmare Health Care Act because it's got Obama's name attached to it.   Well, the same poll says Democrats and independence support the law more when Obama's name is removed, too - by 1 and 4 percent, respectively.  Shouldn't using the name of the Lightworker increase support dramatically among his loving Democrat followers?

We've been bombarded by stories about how no one understands ObamaCare.  This is supposed to excuse its low poll ratings - y'all are just too darned ignorant about this here miracle of Big Gubmint to appreciate it!  Of course, critics think that's evidence the plan is too complicated, and has changed too often.  It might also help to explain why a lot of people think the "Affordable Care Act" is something entirely different, maybe something that fixes ObamaCare's flaws.

Are we supposed to be surprised that people respond to the goo-goo names slapped on gigantic, inscrutable chunks of legislation?  That's why they always get cuddly names that make every bill sound like the best idea since sliced bread.  And every monster bill contains thousands of pages of junk that has nothing to do with the nouns, verbs, and adjectives comprising its name.  Maybe there should be a rule that legislation is automatically nullified when its formal title becomes an absurd joke, as is most certainly the case with the "Affordable Care Act," better described as the Everyone Will Need A Welfare Check To Afford Their Lousy Insurance Act.


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