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Bolton Thinks Obama is 'Gullible and Inexperienced'

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address the United Nations today regarding the threat that Iran poses, if they develop nuclear weapons.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, told Fox News that he didn't believe Israel would strike Iran's nuclear program development sites, because he felt that the Israelis have been softened up too much by President Obama and is continued press on Israel not to strike Iran.

Bolton added that the Iranians "don't believe Obama will do what he says," when he talks about "all options," including military, being on the table.

Iran will have nukes sooner than later-Fmr. U.S Ambassador to U.N., John Bolton

Bolton finished his interview by stating what most of the world already thinks of President Obama, he is "weak, gullible, and inexperienced."


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