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Wendy Davis Announces Candidacy for Governor, Doesn't Mention Abortion

State Senator Wendy Davis, best known for opposing a bill which would limit abortion to 20 weeks, announced her candidacy for Governor of Texas today. She made the announcement on Twitter with this photo:

Did I mention that Wendy is best known for her unwavering support for late term abortion? So it's sort of odd that she didn't mention that topic in her announcement today. Nevertheless, her friends in the abortion industry are thrilled with her decision:

Naral also put up a post at Buzzfeed singing Wendy's praises with gifs.

Davis will almost certainly lose the race. Most of her support comes from outside Texas. (Spoiler: They're abortion groups like Emily's list and Naral). But at least one observer thinks she has an outside chance. Her biggest advantage is the national media which made her a star and put her in position to run. They'll continue to support her because...abortion. Maybe you're seeing a pattern here?

But never mind all that, just look at those cute kids and listen to her inspiring string of focus tested bromides:


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