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Lhota Associates de Blasio With A New York Nobody Wants To Remember But Should Never Forget

New York City Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota released an ad recently hitting Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio. The ad highlights and criticizes the former Democratic councilman's vote to take 5,000 NYPD officers off the the streets and de Blasio's response to an NYC biker gang attack on a family in an SUV several weeks ago.  "Bill de Blasio's reckless agenda on crime will take us back to this," the ad's narrator says. The ad then flashes images of New York City during an era when violent crime was rampant and considered the norm. 

Is the ad effective? If the ad is targeted at New Yorkers who lived in the city for a period of time before the 1990's and prefer to forget some of the long gone scenes around places like: Times Square, alphabet city, Central Park at night, and the subway stations, the ad may jog their memory; however, the city is full of many faces, if not mostly, of voters who arrived well into the 1990's. 

After Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani cracked down effectively with the NYPD on the city's crime like no other recent mayor before him, the vast majority of city dwellers, who were registered Democrats, expected  nothing less from the mayor when it came to city's crime rate. The question this ad is asking here, though, is if New Yorkers have taken for granted their security and forgot or just do not know why New York remains a relatively safe place to live, work, and visit today.  


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