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The 'Defund' Skeptics Can Only Gloat So Far

I think that conservatives who argued against Ted Cruz's stand against Obamacare are entitled to claim they were right--even though folks like me believed there was merit in it (and still do, though obviously it "lost").

But they cannot claim it would have been better to have talked about the looming flaws in Obamacare rather than doing something (even something other than "defund") to stop it. That's Monty Python territory:

I would point out two other facts. First, nothing prevented conservatives--or the Republican Party--from investing heavily in a different anti-Obamacare push. Most were fairly quiescent (there were exceptions).

Second, many of those attacking the GOP for not talking about on Obamacare were talking constantly about immigration reform, not Obamacare. In the interests of unity, let's cap the self-righteousness and move on.


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