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In response to My Take-Away From Obama's ObamaGlitch Speech: Individual Mandate Is Still A Go:

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) on Twitter today: "You know who else said, 'Eh, launch it anyway, it'll work?' White Star Lines."

I got the same sense as you, and picked up an interesting sense of numb disbelief from certain quarters of the press.  They spent all morning touting this as Obama's "mea culpa," or the speech where he would finally show some leadership and address the disastrous ACA launch.  He did nothing of the kind.  It was a bizarre, disconnected, almost insane combination infomercial, partisan political speech, and talking-points dump for his loyal supporters.  

To anyone capable of thinking more clearly than the Obama dead-enders, it was filled with moments of astonishing disconnect and low comedy, most notably when he invited everyone to kick it 80s-style and call the 1-800-F1U-CKYO line, which promptly crashed, or gave some people messages directing them back to the website.  What a perfect Kafkaesque nightmare.  

I'm old enough to remember when the media excoriated Bush the Elder for being "out of touch" with the people suffering through his allegedly flagging economy, which was already on the rebound at the time.  Obamanomics is five solid years and counting of grinding unemployment thick, syrupy malaise, caused in no small part by the job-devouring health-care boondoggle that just blew up on the launch pad.  But thus far, the media hasn't called him "out of touch" for ignoring the fiery wreckage and pretending everything was proceeding according to plan - indeed, better than anyone could have hoped!  

I can't remember who it was, but someone on the right side of the media very charitably wondered, in the wake of Obama's Rose Garden press conference, if the President might not actually be aware of what's going on with ObamaCare... if, like Saddam Hussein, he's so insulated from reality by lickspittles and incurious media that he doesn't quite understand how badly the system is imploding on nearly all fronts.  Personally, I've never given Obama's Empty Chair routine any credence - as when he claimed to have learned about the IRS scandal by reading the newspaper, and for that matter, issued comparably phony assurances he was mad as hell about it - so I'm not going to start now.

Another thing both infuriating and revealing about the President's remarks, nicely captured in the section you quoted, is his continuing insistence on appropriating the language of capitalism to describe his socialist disaster.  ObamaCare policies are like Playstations or flat-screen TVs, they cost as much as your cell phone or cable bill - that one's a knee-slapper when you look at the jacked-up sky-high premiums quoted for these policies.  If your cell phone bill costs as much as even the cheaper ObamaCare policies, you must be accepting a lot of collect calls from Mars.  

Most ludicrous of all was his reference to ObamaCare as a "product" of the highest quality.  ObamaCare is not a product; Barack Obama has never produced anything in his life.  The billions spent on this turkey have hired bureaucrats, IRS agents, and political activists, not doctors.  In a free-market system, products compete with each other to attract willing customers.  ObamaCare is anti-competition, a regime of fines and mandates that simultaneously compel purchases and drive providers out of the "market."  It's too bad Americans have lost so much respect and understanding for capitalism, or they'd never allow a flailing politician to steal its words and concepts.


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